The Syndicate Investor is dedicated to helping investors access venture capital and angel investing through syndicated investments.

My Background

I have a lot of experience investing public stocks both personally and professionally on behalf of institutions, but I am relatively new the venture capital/angel investing world. I first discovered syndicate investing in 2018 by listening to Phil Nadel of Forefront Ventures on Meb Faber’s podcast. I made my first syndicate investment a few months later. Since then I’ve made 30+ investments via syndicates.

As I’ve started this journey, I’ve learned a lot and realize I have a lot more to learn. This site was created as a resource to other investors who want to learn about venture capital and angel investing via syndicates. Along the way, I look forward to sharing the information I learn along with the ups and downs of my journey.

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–Giri Cherukuri, CFA (@giric)

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