Syndicate Lead Profile #2: Phil Nadel

The following is the second in a series of profiles of syndicate leads. I first got interested in syndicate investing by listening to his podcast interview with Meb Faber in 2018 and he was the first syndicate lead that I backed. Hopefully this series helps you become a better investor and discover syndicate leads thatContinue reading “Syndicate Lead Profile #2: Phil Nadel”

Managing your expectations as an Angel Investor via Syndicates

Congratulations on making your first angel investment through a Syndicate! You had studied the opportunity, joined a webinar with the founders, or maybe just piggy-backed on the Syndicate lead’s conviction to write a check — kudos on taking that leap.

AngelList Conference Wrap-up

Earlier this month, AngelList held its 5th annual AngelList Confidential conference. This is a yearly private event that they hold to bring together investors and startup founders to discuss the state of the venture capital industry. As with most conferences since the pandemic, it was held virtually this year. With this new format, it allowedContinue reading “AngelList Conference Wrap-up”

Syndicate Lead Profile #1: Ashley Flucas

The following is the first in a series of profiles of syndicate leads. Hopefully this helps you become a better investor and discover syndicate leads that you may want to back. Please contact me if there is a particular syndicate lead that you would like profiled. Ashley Flucas Flucas Ventures AngelList Syndicate: Please brieflyContinue reading “Syndicate Lead Profile #1: Ashley Flucas”

Investing via Alumni Syndicates

One key factor in becoming a successful venture capital investor is access to high quality deal flow. The beauty of syndicate investing is that the casual investor can get access to a lot of deal flow without spending a lot of time to source them. Syndicate leads do the work of sourcing all the deals,Continue reading “Investing via Alumni Syndicates”

SEC expands the definition of an “accredited investor”

Access to private investments such as venture capital and syndicates is currently limited to “accredited investors”. While the general public is allowed to invest in the stock market, ETFs, and mutual funds, regulations limit access to private investments to only wealthy individuals. Since these types of investments are less regulated and more risky, the theoryContinue reading “SEC expands the definition of an “accredited investor””

Welcome to The Syndicate Investor!

Hello world. I have a lot of experience investing public stocks personally and professionally on behalf of institutions, but I am relatively new the venture capital/angel investing world. I discovered syndicate investing in 2018 by listening to Phil Nadel of Forefront Ventures on Meb Faber’s podcast, and I made my first syndicate investment a fewContinue reading “Welcome to The Syndicate Investor!”